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Dazed and Confused

Being once a teenage girl myself I assumed raising them would be fairly easy. I remember what it was like. I remember the rules, the frustration, the crazy hormones. So this whole teen thing should be a walk in the park. As I’ve mentioned before I have two teen girls. My oldest (18) is off conquering the world and in University. My youngest daughter is 15 going on 35 and knows all the answers. What I thought was going to be a walk in the park turned out more like a stroll through the thorns. Personally I have held on to a lot of guilt given how the girls father and I parted ways. Because of this guilt I trie to give the girls all they wanted and I am sure this didn’t do their attitudes any justice. There are days I just want to pull my hair out. How do you deal with someone who thinks they know everything especially when that someone is your 15 year old daughter and has zero life experience but insists they have the answer to everything! I have encouraged my girls to express themselves and have always tried to listen to their opinion and take it into consideration. What they think and feel does matter……. Is this why they feel what they say goes? Is this why when they ask a question, I give an answer and in return I get told my answer is incorrect and this is how it really is……LMFAO well let me ask you this, If they already knew the answer wtf are they asking me in the first place? I love my girls to the ends of the earth and beyond, but there are rough days just as there are wonderful days. The thing I have trouble handling is the attitude and depression. The low self esteem my youngest seems to struggle with and I have no idea why. As i said I have always listened, been open, honest and made sure they know how proud I am of them. Yet at 15 my daughter is constantly putting herself down whether it be body image or intelligence she struggles everyday. I myself have mental illness so I know what it can be like. I just tried so hard to keep them protected from that and hoped it wasn’t something that was passed on to the next generations. I’ve sent her for counseling, I’ve encouraged her, I’ve done research and have tried all I know of to turn her negative attitude around. I am completely dazed and confused and in need of assistance. I really don’t want my daughter to follow me down my rabbit hole. Such a smart, beautiful girl her life is full of opportunities. The question of the day is How do you make a 15 year old girl see that potential when she has closed herself off to any positive reinforcement?

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