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Dating Double Standards

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age dating double standards still exist. I am a 41 year old woman and my husband is 25 years old. Personally I have no issue with this, my children have no issue with our marriage nor does my ex husband. I’m also lucky enough to say that most of my family are on board also as long as he makes me happy (which he does). Unfortunately this fact isn’t true for everyone. Many people in society still believe I am doing something wrong. They pass judgement without knowing our story. We get remarks, stares and questions as to whether or not I am his mother. What bothers me about this is that not long ago I dated a man that was 14 almost 15 years my senior and we received none of this prosecution. In fact no one blinked an eye. He was not called a cougar or a cradle robber. When other men found out how much younger I was they gave out high fives not glares. Is this fair? Is this considered whats right nowadays? We love each other, we are happy and we make each other happy. Since I first met him years ago I felt drawn to him. It took a long time for us to reach a time in our lives where we both wanted the same thing at the same time. Where we both decided to let go of fears holding us back and take a leap into the unknown. Honestly the greatest choice I have ever made. So I ask you does that sound wrong to you? Does our relationship sound fake? Does it sound like this man is just my F***Boy? Take Johnny Depp he is like 22 years older than Amber Heard and that wasn’t a huge factor at any point. The public didn’t even bat an eye…….Why? Because its Johnny or because he is a man? It’s 2022 with all the things that a re considered normal now I find it hard to believe that a woman being older than her mate is such a hot topic yet here we are. Talked about in grocery stores, movie theaters, eateries you name it we receive the stares. When I’m showing apartments and I introduce my husband and get asked if I’m a cougar!!!! Yes, there is STILL A DOUBLE STANDARD and in my opinion it’s just not right. I hope after reading this you take note of yourself and perhaps realize I am right.

A relationship is about making the person you love happy, making them feel safe, secure and trusted. M opinion is no matter sex, color or age as long as you make each other feel loved than nothing else should matter. I know I love my man, I know he makes me happy and that I see love in his eyes each day when he looks at me. Making me feel safe and secure. If this mum with attitude opinion counts for anything I believe as long as your partner makes YOU happy it doesn’t matter sex, color or age what matters is the ove they give.

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