Bad Moms Club

Where Does the Time Go?

Sometimes I look at pictures of my girls seeing them through the ages and wonder to myself “Where does the time go?” seems like just yesterday they were my little girls. One hiding behind my leg the other never leaving my side. My oldest was always so shy. One of those kids that constantly said she had “no friends” or “no one likes me” yet I’d drop her at school and kids would call out her name “Sarah, they are calling you” I’d say. Her response 9 times out of 10 was “i know” and she would actually ignore them LMFAO. She has always gone to the beat of her own drum……I look at her now and see a woman. Out on her own, university student truly a mothers dream. Where did the time go? Where did my shy little girl go? Who is this woman who stands before me? My youngest has always been a mums girl since the day she came out she has been my suck. In that respect not much has changed LOL. The mouth on her although drives me crazy also makes me proud to see her stand up for her opinions even if they do seem far fetched. Time has been pretty good to me so I really can’t complain……But that doesn’t stop m mind from wandering Where did the time go? Life happens so fast,

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