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When’s the Cut Off?

So I’ve been asking myself lately, when is it enough? At what age do we cut off our children? Do we ever really? I mean I know my mom has still bailed me out from time to time ( and no not literally). I bring this topic up because my eldest daughter has once again asked for money ( and I’m not talking pocket change). She went off to university last year and decided to stay for summer and not come home like her friends. Six girls have rented a house for the school year and my Sarah decided to live there all year. Lets keep in my mind she works full time as waitress during summer. I pay her car insurance and her phone bill still……YES you read that correctly and her gram and I paid for her rent this past 6 months. Which we gave her in a lump sum to pay her portion of rent each month. Her cat needed vet I paid 400 and my mom 800, Sarah paid…. I’m sure you guessed it ZERO. She thanked vet and techs on Facebook and not one thank you to her gram or I. The point to all this ramble is she pays very little and went away on vacay with her dad etc…..she tells me OSAP hasn’t paid for her summer course yet but that she needs money for something. I tell her to use rent money and put it back when OSAP comes. She semi complains and gives excuses but I stuck to it……She returns gets a small pay and tells me she has no food in house and has utilities to pay and wants money she paid out until OSAP comes. HMMMMMM this makes me start thinking. What about the rent money? If she had that to use like I said she would still have money left as we paid until OCT. Unless of course she spent and thats why she had to use her own funds. Even if that’s true. Is she not saving working all those hours. What is she doing with her money? So I ask myself when is it enough? When do you say NO? As a mum when a child says they need food it makes it difficult to say no when they aren’t close enough to bring dinner. So when do I cut her off?

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