Bad Moms Club

Am I Raising A Teen Or A Pig?

My boyfriend and I have spent the last 4 days redoing bedrooms. My oldest daughter has gone off to university. The girls no longer need the larger room and my younger daughter was excited for the change. Make it her own space. My youngest however is a bit of a slob…..Yes I ralize the girl is 15 but honestly if you had seen what I did you would know what I mean, The child is disgudting. What’s worse is a lot of my boxes were in that room. Omg I have not seen anything like it. Old food containers, take out, drinks in take away cups sitting around creating fruit fies etc…… She literally has a circle of items around her on the bed and all over the room. I feel like I’m raising some sort of live stock. Like all parents I’ve tried all the tactics. The grounding, the taking away of prized possessions, reward program, you name I’ve tried it and guess what oink oink the place is a sty.

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